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UOMI Smart Tech advances to the next round of “Dark Horse Contest ”Back to listSource:  Date:2016-04-04 19:03:11  Views:269

September 18, 2015 the fifth tournament dark horse contest Zhuhai city came to an end. The game, from software and information services, health care, electricity supplier three sub-sectors of 60 entrepreneurial, growth companies compete by selecting the group stage. Eventually, Zhou Xiaoyun from Zhuhai with UOMI intelligent inflatable treasure finals.

On the dark horse contest Nanjing station brilliant "dark horse classroom" session, several guests mentors for entrepreneurs to bring the industry trend analysis and business experience. Simcere chairman Ren Jinsheng think entrepreneurs must first consider why and entrepreneurship, in order to establish corporate vision and systems. Chang Jie Tong, Assistant President and Research Institute Qu Jianchuan small businesses represent areas 2 B trillion market share, enterprise-class data service is defined as a large financial services more promising. Live one hundred Zhang, founder Hendrik think tourism is currently 4.0 times, social marketing + Share economy is the trend in Europe and America Short Term + Share economy beyond the traditional hotel full market value in 2015.

Entrepreneurs chairman Niu Wenwen cheer for entrepreneurs in a subsequent speech, today's winter capital theory does give entrepreneurs the financing difficulties encountered, the best way to solve this problem is the dark horse and cattle community vote - Black Horse hold together for warmth, entrepreneurs entrepreneurs to invest.

The dark horse contest Zhuhai Division with 20 investors from IDG, Cowin and other well-known investment institutions, the market prospects for the problem of enterprise development, business models and team composition as the participating companies to build policy suggestions, and pick potential project promotion . Which since last year has been much the mainstream media and industry attention, from Chengdu in Sichuan Network Technology Co., Ltd., as the cocoa bee super APP team, after roadshows and field projects fierce PK, the success of the next round, held in Beijing the "2015 fifth dark horse contest finals."



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