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Every hardware device has a finite lifespan or viable period of use. Both business and consumers alike are familiar with the retirement of old gadgets and the acquisition of new ones. In fact, entire industries and methodologies have sprung up to help facilitate this; cloud-based backup and storage products, external storage capabilities and automated configuration management techniques to get replacement systems up and running in rapid order. Hardware decommissioning can occur for a number of reasons: cuts in operational expense, upgrades to newer hardware, equipment failure, or obsolescence. However, regardless of the reasoning behind it, consistency in handling the process is essential.

When decommissioning hardware, standard and well-documented practices can be invaluable to ensure success. The practices outlined in this policy will ensure that appropriate staff follow the decommission process, assets are not unnecessarily wasted or placed in the wrong hands, data stored on this hardware is preserved as needed (and securely purged if otherwise), and all ancillary information regarding hardware (asset tags, location, status, etc.) is updated accordingly.

Download Tech Pro Research's policy and use as is, or modify as needed for your organization.


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