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The iPhone is boring, and I'm OK with thatBack to listSource:  Date:2016-04-25 00:56:03  Views:154

What was once exciting soon becomes boring.

I remember the excitement that came with the launch of the first iPhone. It was a device that pivoted Apple and the entire smartphone market, forever changing the technology landscape.

But now, some nine years on, the iPhone has become boring.

Let me explain what I mean by boring. First off, it doesn't mean that I'm not using my iPhone as much as I once did. In fact, I use my iPhone more than any device I've ever owned. It's usually the first device I pick up in the morning, and the last device I handle before going to sleep.

What I mean by boring is that the iPhone has reached a point where innovation appears to have slowed down. Take a look at what the first few years of the iPhone brought to the table - on-screen keyboards, apps, iMessage, FaceTime, Touch ID and such - and compare this to what we've seen lately - things such as bigger handsets, Apple Pay, different colors, Live Photo, 3D Touch.

You've got to admit that the pace of innovation has slowed down somewhat. Moreover, the innovations that are being added are appealing to a smaller and smaller subset of users (I rarely hear or see anyone using the Live Photo or 3D Touch features).

A recent article in Wired called "Three big upgrades that'd make the iPhone exciting again" listed the following three features:

-OLED display

-Bigger battery

-USB-C connector

According to that piece, what would make the iPhone exciting again is turning it into an Android smartphone.


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