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Sometimes the simplest items turn out to be the most useful in our tech bag. The PompAdapter looks like it will be one of these must-have items in your inventory.

The PompAdapter is a universal power adapter for PCs, tablets and smartphones that can halve the charging time of any device.

When used in conjunction with an adapter, PompAdapter will double the charging speed, making your USB outlet charge your device as quickly as possible.

Inside the smart charging cable there is a smart integrated circuit. This changes the charging mode according to the device plugged into the charger and provide the maximum current available.

Usually charger USB ports are not 'smart' - that is, they have no smart detach function for devices. They charge at 500mAh for all devices charged.

The PompAdapter detaches the mobile charging mode and changes the mode providing the maximum current to shorten the charging time.

If you leave your devices plugged in all the time the battery life can decrease. The PompAdapter has a 'smart sleep mode' auto-turn off to save battery life.

It has an LCD screen for monitoring and an LED light for charging status. It is both USB 3.0 and quick charge compatible.


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