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FAQ for UOMI Smart Air Pump

1. What type of valves can it inflate? 

    The UOMI Smart Air Pump is suitable for both types of valves (Presta as well as Schrader). In addition, you can use the air pump with a ball inflating pump needle adapter in order to inflate basketball, football and etc.

2. Who is the main target audience for the Smart Air pump

a. Basically, every biker 
b. Urban cyclists 
c. E-bikers 
d. Scooter riders 
e. Parents who care about their children safety 
f. Lazy people like most of us 
g. Lefties and clumsy people 
h. Commuters

 3.  What is the air pump maximum PSI?

    The maximum is 100 PSI.


4. Is the air pump suitable for both types Presta and Schrader?

Yes. It is suitable for both types of Presta and Schrader.


5. What color will it be available in?

The air pump will be available in black and white, because these colors are popular.


6. How long will the power last? / Will it wear out?

If you keep the power on, it can work for half a year. Please check the power regularly.


7. How to check the power?

Press “POWER” button to show the rest of the power.


8. What is the air pump’s weight?

400g, lighter than iPad Air.


9. What’s the size of the air pump?

   148.5L*77W*26.5H(mm), similar to iPhone 6, but a little thicker.


10. How can it be attached to my bicycle?

It can be put into your water bottle holder. Since it is large as your cell phone, you can put it in your pocket, very portable. There is also a good piece of good new. We will a cycling bag for every crowd funding supporter.


11. How to charge? How long will it charge?

We use Micro USB as general connector, just need to use USB charger to charge. 3 hours is enough for fully charge.


12. What is the advantage of the UOMI Smart Air Pump?

a. Air pressure preset, precisely control the air pressure

b. Easy operation, start with one button

c. Smart control, stop with the preset air pressure

d. Labor-saving

e. Portable and easy to carry around

f. User-friendly


13. How to preset the air pressure?

Step 1. Push the Power Button and hold it for 3 seconds to turn on

Step 2. Preset the proper value for the air pressure

Step 3. Follow the instructions in the pictures to connect UOMI Smart Air Pump into the equipment to be pumped

Step 4. Push the Power Button to inflate until the air pressure reaches the preset value then it will stop automatically

Step 5. Disconnect the hose from the equipment that has been pumped.


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