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   On March 5, 2016, four days of the games of the 29th Taipei International Cycle Show.This exhibition attracted 8300 industry sources from 107 countries (regions) , Taiwan leader ma ying-jeou attended the opening ceremony in the morning, and made a speech said that to be satisfied with Taiwan bicycle industry achievements in 2015, and the future of the sports industry has great potential.

  UOMI also went to Taipei , and researched the market of the latest developments and trends for UOMI Smart Air Pump . Currently ,it’s still using the traditional manual pump and large pump on the market. The market of tiny , convenient ,portable smart air pump is blank. A better vision about release your hands and make smart pump enter every family need a group of tireless R&D Team to achieve.


Ma Ying-jeou made a speech at the opening ceremony 


The Exhibition was very busy


Nangang exhibition in Taipei


Leaders’ Panel

The traditional manual pump

Large electric pump


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