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    On August 31, 2016 - September 7th, Uomi collaborate with Messingschlager in German Eurobike Friedichshafen International Bicycle Exhibition 2016 to show the Uomi Smart Air Pump M1 to everyone.


Booth of Messingschlager in EUROBIKE 2016


Uomi CEO Strive Zhou visited Messingschlager

  Uomi CEO Strive Zhou and overseas sales director Anna JIN invited to German Friedichshafen EURO BIKE on-site to technical guidance and cooperation. Period, Uomi leader  made a market research to the EURO BIKE show exhibitors  products , found that on the international was still in the traditional manual pump for the mainstream at present, the major exhibitors is also introduced all kinds of traditional pump, and its price was still high.


 Traditional manual pump of a large brand 


Traditional manual pump display case of a large brand 

  Uomi smart air pump M1 displayed on the second floor in Messingschlager booth, as the largest bicycle parts of Europe, Messingschlager’s brand has been great social influence in Europe.



    Uomi smart air pump M1 is smaller 、lighter、and more convenient to carry than traditional manual pump, the most important is the release of your hands and the ease with which the air filling, also it can accurate pressure control.


 Uomi smart air pump M1


Uomi CEO Strive Zhou pictured in front of the uomi smart air pump

  After the meeting, Uomi CEO Strive Zhou was invited to visited Messingschlager intelligent production workshop, all the people benefit a lot from efficient intelligent professional production management level.


Uomi CEO Strive Zhou visited Messingschlager intelligent production workshop


Messingschlager exhibition hall


The honor of Messingschlager


Messingschlager intelligent production workshop

  Finally,Uomi CEO Strive Zhou negotiated with Messingschlager about the Uomi smart air pump M1 cooperation projects , and signed a cooperation agreement, laid the foundation long-term cooperation. so far, Uomi formally enter the European market.


Uomi CEO Strive Zhou signed a cooperation agreement with Mr.Benno Messingschlager 


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